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Bollywood Hot Sizzling actor Aamir Khan goes missing to promote new movie.

Bollywood favorite Aamir Khan has gone missing to promote his upcoming new film 3 Idiots, due for release very soon. It’s the perfect chance for film fans to get involved with the release of the movie, and also, get up close with one of the main stars. Plus the person who uncovers Aamir will be treated to a special prize.

Friend of Aamir, top cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, is also getting involved in all the fun. Sachin will be giving tip offs as to where Aamir can be found as he embarks on a trip around India, taking in a variety of different cities and towns.

However it would be all too easy to spot Aamir in his normal attire, therefore the actor will sport a different disguise at every location in order to keep his identity a secret for as long as possible. The destinations and disguises of Aamir have been kept top secret, with the female lead from the 3 Idiots movie, Bollywood Hot Sizzling Babe Kareena Kapoor, confessing that she has been kept in the dark regarding the details.

A homemade movie entitled, Aamir Goes Missing, has been shot in the actor’s apartment featuring his real life wife as part of the campaign to promote the new film. So far, Aamir is said to have taken a stroll in Varanasi, in the disguise of an elderly Banarasi babu, completely undetected.

The individual who uncovers the star will be announced on TV, and will win tickets to the movie 3 Idiots and also gets to spend New Year’s Evening with Bollywood star Aamir Khan.

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