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Bollywood Upcoming Much Waited – My name is Khan Movie News Reviews   Leave a comment

First look of Bollywood’s much-awaited film ‘My name is Khan’ that would be jointly distributed by Fox Star Studios and stars Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in lead roles was unveiled here on Wednesday.

The film, about an Indian Muslim in San Francisco embarking on a journey across the U. S., is due for release in February next year.

Khan while addressing news conference said that it’s a movie of love and how it survives irrespective of obstacles.

“This is a beautiful love story and it’s a journey of two lovers – Kajol and I, the characters that we play. And one is the physical journey to find love, and the other is an emotional journey to find love inspired of the problems that love might have brought to her. And at the end of the film, of course as love stories have, crossing all obstacles, we complete this journey and come together. It’s a very joyful film, it’s a film about hope, it’s a film about love, and it’s a film about positivity.” said Khan.

“We worked very-very hard on the film, and it’s been a very intense experience for all us to go through. It’s the biggest film that I think we have made so far, together. Everybody keeps asking me have you finished Karan Johar film, have you completed it. On a very personal note I would like to say that Karan’s film complete us, and I am speaking for Shah Rukh as well, I think.” said Kajol.

Meanwhile, Karan Johar rejected all the rumors about his film having terrorism plot.

Shah Rukh Khan’s sign of line actually is loaded in its own way though it’s said with a certain amount of innocence when you see in context to the film, when he says “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist’, it’s really got nothing to do with terrorism,” he said.

The promo reveals a romantic drama showing Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan playing ‘Rizwan’ who is suffering from some mental disorder and Bollywood Hot Sizzling Babe Kajol as ‘Mandira’ who falls in the love with him.

Fox Star Studios, a joint venture between Twentieth Century Fox and Star India, will be distributing “My Name is Khan” in India while Fox will release the film elsewhere.

The movie will be screened at the 60th annual Berlin International Film Festival, next year.

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